coffee break like they do it in zagreb

Are you a type of traveller who always tends to pick up a local way of living wherever you go? Rush hours, fairs or just a coffee break like they do it around here?

Local people in Zagreb tend to spend their free time sitting with their friends and drinking good coffee. Talking about all sorts of things and enjoying the weather. Just chilling and observing the fluctuations through the city. 

It is an every day option or:

Every Sunday morning an antique fair is organised on British square. Many people visit it to buy something and to grab a coffee with friends.

Tkalčićeva street or "the pulse street of Zagreb" among with Flower square are best known locations for taking a break while rush hours. Which is every Saturday from 11 a.m.-14 p.m.

A sunny spot in the city center is always a good option to clear the head :)


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