Tour highlights:
- fantastic side of Zagreb
- best known Zagreb sights. And gems well hidden
- qualified local tour guide in a costume
- memories of the expansion of 19th and early 20th century Zagreb
- stories of amazing minds, incredible events
- Nikola Tesla in Zagreb, and other immense scientists in Croatia
- traditional crafts and industrial heritage
- a long and fulfilling walk and a short and memorable ride
   taste of fantasy


Deluxe version aditionally includes:
- adorable interiors and collections
- taste of local brands with a tradition of more than a century
- special city map by one of Croatian finest illustrators

Zagrebarium is available daily and tour is guided by Secret Zagreb Walks.


Group 1 -4 people 350,00 kn
Group 5 -10 people 450,00 kn
Group 11-30 people 650,00 kn


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