illusions of torture museum tour

Take a walk with me!

Illusions of Torture is a unique museum walking tour which gives you an opportunity to explore the capital city of Croatia and visit two unusual museums. At the end the view from Zagreb 360° observation deck will take your breath away.


Find out what secrets lay beneath the streets, why does the cannon shoot every day at noon, exactly how superstitious were the citizens through history and why is the statue on the main square





1.Museum of Illusions

You won´t believe your eyes!

Defy gravity in a room where water flows uphill, see your friend grow or shrink right before your eyes, get lost in a maze of mirrors and serve somebody`s head on a tray.


2. Museum of Torture

This „Tortureum“ offers an insight into its unique collection of various instruments of torture and

execution that have been in use since the ancient times to the present day. See, touch and try

exhibits that were used to humiliate, torture, injure or execute the victim.




10.00am Meeting point at Swanky Mint hostel ( Ilica 50 )

10.15am Main square

10.30am Cathedral & Dolac market

11.00am Museum of torture

11.45am Upper town

12.00pm Lotrščak tower

12.30pm Museum of Illusions



PRICE: 99 HRK* / per person 

*tickets for the museums are included