cadillac city tour

We can arange selection of tours around the city.


 A romantic joy ride around town will allow you to see the reflections of the monuments or dance along the surface of the Zagreb city from the lush interior of a cool cadillac from 1960. You might also choose a narrated guide tour to the historic downtown area or a visit to the new part of the city at the other river banch. With cadillac we can also offer shopping excursions to the Avenue mall, with no hassle of parking or driving. Visit The Upper part of the city with amazing viewpoint to Zagreb city from small mountain or take a tour after lights go down.


Cadillac City Tour allows you to explore the city at your own pace when city lights sparkle and monuments shine. It’s definitely a sight to see, as Zagreb transforms into another city at night.

Enjoy the view as we drive you around. Service is provided by Cadillac City Tour.



1250 kn (1-3 people/1.5 hour ride)



* A 1,5 hour on Cadillac city tour with a professional tourist guide - 1650,00 kn or

**aditional hour on Cadillac city tour – 400,00 kn


Wanderer Travel d.o.o. is not responsible for Information about this tourist service because this tourist service is not organised and provided by Wanderer Travel d.o.o. and we are not responsible for any possible material loss.