nikola tesla walking tour
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Revolutionary thinker, genius who changed the world, outsider and ''mad scientist'' - those are just some of the thoughts people associate with undoubtedly one of the greatest scientist and inventor of our time. Most of Tesla's achievements are widely known - there are even cars being made with his name on it. We wouldn't book our tours via our smartphones if it wasn't for his legacy either. If you want to enter genius and sometimes bizarre mind of famous, Croatian born, scientist - join our Nikola Tesla walking tour through the Zagreb city center.


Nikola Tesla costumed walking tour starts at 1 PM on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Meeting point is in front of the post office on Jurišićeva Street (50 meters east of the main square) and the tour takes approximately two hours. The guide will take you through the old town and the downtown, covering all the main sights of Zagreb from a different perspective - one of an inventor from a hundred years ago. Learn about what changed, and what remained the same in the city, how the electricity was (finally) introduced and how exactly did Nikola Tesla travel through time, plus many interesting stories.