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Best of Istria - private tour

Highlights of Istria - day trip from Zagreb

Type of tour: Private tour
Season: till 31 October
Duration: 11, 5 h
Are you looking for a little inspiration for your next trip? You’re in the right place! 

Book our private tour and enjoy Istria, one of the liveliest and touristically most developed regions in Croatia. We didn’t want to take away the pleasure of planning since the region has so many beautiful places, so we decided that it’s up to you to choose a perfect way to spend your trip.
Don’t worry, we’ll take care of logistics; all you need to do is look over the offered locations and choose 2 of them! From Roman monuments, charming medieval cities on the top of the hills, Tito's residency Brijuni, Bizantine, Gothic and Renaissance churches to nature parks, superb local cuisine constituting of local ingredients (such as asparagus, fish, olive oil), wines, truffles, adrenaline parks, zip line…. The list is endless and Istria has it all! 

You will have 6 hours altogether to enjoy these locations. For better reference, we added recommended duration of visit. But don’t wrap your head around it - in agreement with you, we’ll organize everything to fit planned timeline or at least recommend you another location that would fit the schedule better.  

Here is the list of Istria's top locations :
  • Limski kanal (Lim bay) - (Panoramic, Gastro) 
  • Duration: 1 h sightseeing, +1 h for lunch (optional)
Name of the canal comes from a Latin word for limit and Lim bay functioned as one too - a border of Roman provinces Dalmatia and Italia. Because of cozy panoramic boat ride and great restaurants on the shore, you’re guaranteed your time will be well spent!

Panoramic boat ride - from 100 HRK per person
  • Poreč - (Culture, Sightseeing) 
  • Duration: 2 h sightseeing, + 1 h for lunch (optional)
Poreč is a popular summer resort on the coast of the Istrian Peninsula, located in western Croatia. One of the most famous attractions lies in the historic old town - 6th-century Euphrasian Basilica complex. Well preserved and decorated with spectacular Byzantine mosaics, Basilica was recognized by Unesco and holds a place on a World Heritage list since 1997. Apart from outstanding Basilica, Poreč is a real gem and is on the top of tourist arrivals in Croatia beating in number much more known Dubrovnik. Check out why!

Euphrasian Basilica 
Adults: 40 HRK / Students and children: 20 HRK
  • Dvigrad (‘’Twin-town’’) - (Archeology, Photo Spot) 
  • Duration: 1 - 1,5 h
In Draga valley, you will find remains of abandoned medieval town called Dvigrad. Peacefulness of ruins which are still well conserved and surrounded by untouched nature will leave you speechless. For those who like photography or just to enjoy memories in photos, we must say that this is a seriously impressive site to capture for your collection!
  • National Park Brijuni - (Nature, History) 
  • Duration: 4 h (with a guide)
Brijuni are the group of 14 small islands in the Adriatic sea, famous for their scenic beauty as well as the summer residence of former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito. During his time, Tito had welcomed many high profile politicians, even film stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Sophia Loren and many others. Many of them brought him exotic animals for his Safari which still persist there, only with less animals.

July, August, September* (price can vary depending on the month of the year)
Adults: 220 HRK / Children 4 - 14 - 110 HRK
  • Hum - (Culture, Curiosities)
  • Duration - 1 h sightseeing, +1 h for lunch (optional)
Legend says that a long, long time ago, giants lived in Istria. They befriended and helped people with difficult jobs such as building houses. To protect them from enemies, giants started to build fortresses and cities. At one moment, they run out of stones so they built Hum. Regardless of the legend. Hum is today known as the smallest town in the world. Hidden in the hinterland of Istrian peninsula, town is surrounded with the massive stone monuments so you can easily say that entire Hum is actually a monument. Enjoy walking through flowery, narrow streets and see  what everyday life looks like in a small town with no transport and only 17 inhabitants!
  • Truffle hunting in Motovun - (Adventure, Gastronomy) 
  • Duration: 2 h
Find truffles in forests surrounding the foot of the medieval town of Motovun, overlooking Mirna river valley. During this exciting adventure you’ll be accompanied with a licensed guide and two hunting dogs. You shall discover everything that is to be known about truffles and truffle hunting and finally have an opportunity to taste them :). In the nearby delicatessen you can purchase fine products as a souvenir and memory of this beautiful experience.

65 EUR per person
  • Beram - (Culture, History) 
  • Duration: 1,5 h 
Small city in Istrian inland known for Church of st. Mary and famous gothic fresco ‘’Dance of the Dead’’ painted in 15th century by artist Vincent from Kastav. It is motivated by appearance of plaque in medieval Europe and was popular motive for many European painters. Fresco is one of the most significant cultural artefacts to be seen in Istrian peninsula. 
  • Opatija - (Sightseeing, History) 
  • Duration: 2 h, + 1 h for lunch (optional)
Opatija, a magnificent coastal town on the Adriatic Sea and a well-known 19th-century health resort, is today a popular holiday destination. It was the most chic seaside resort for the Austro-Hungarian elite during the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire – as evidenced by the many handsome belle époque villas that the period bequeathed the town. Enjoy long walk and beautiful view on the famous promenade Lungomare which is a never ending inspiration for numerous photographs and paintings.
  • Rt Kamenjak - (Nature, Photo Spot)
  • Duration: 3 - 4 h
Kamenjak nature park is the most intimate corner of the Mediterranean with scenes of environmental exclusivity, untouched nature, encounters with the last habitats of plant and animal species on the planet, idyllic beaches as well as a wild coastline. Enjoy your drink under the shade of pine trees, dip yourself in crystal clear water or discover dinosaur footprints This place definitely proves special power of positive energy.
  • Adrenalin park - (Adventure, Fun)
  • Duration: 3 h

If you’re looking for an interesting, enjoyable and adventurous day in nature, then this is a must for you! No matter your age, you’re in for the fun! Adrenalin Park Glavani has largest high ropes climbing course in Croatia! Their no 1 attraction is crazy human catapult BUT if this is a bit too much for your heart you can just jump on zip line or go to quick jump - 20 meter free fall jump, go to swing on 11m meter giant swing or go to one of the 2 6 or 10 meters high routes in the park! For animal lovers, there is an animal park with goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits and friendly dogs and cats :)

7 Games - Adults 300 HRK / Children - 240 HRK
Three routes - Adult 150 HRK / Children - 120 HRK
Glavani Park package - Adults 250 HRK / Children - 200 HRK
Human catapult - human slingshot - 250 HRK 
Yellow route - 2 m high (for kids up to 10 yrs) - 40 HRK
Giant swing (11 m high; for up to 3 people) - Adults 50 HRK - Children - 40 HRK
Climbing wall (daily ticket) - Adults - 50 HRK / Children - 40 HRK
Quick jump (one jump) - Adults - 50 HRK / Children - 40 HRK
Zip line - Adults 50 HRK / Children - 40 HRK
  • Zip line - (Adventure, Culture)   
  • Duration: 1 h, + 1 h for lunch (optional)

Zip linestarts on Hotel Lovac Green terrace in Pazin and is divided in two parts. First line is 220 m long with an average speed of 50 km/h and the maximum height of 100 m. You will land in the yard of the Writer's house which is a starting point for second line (280 m). This gives you enough time to enjoy the view on a grandiose abyss and a medieval castle on its cliffs. Second time, you will land on the belvedere above the Grandma's house cave. 

140 HRK per person
  • Pula - (Culture, History) 
  • Duration: 2 h, + 1 h for lunch (optional)
Pula's Roman remains were described in Dante's Divine Comedy and have inspired some of the great Renaissance artists. The city is full of ancient and medieval ramparts, like the 2nd century Twin Gate, Gate of Hercules - the oldest Roman structure in Pula (1st century BC), Porta Aurea, and of course, Pula's amphitheatre, which is one of the six largest remaining Roman amphitheatres in the world.

Adults: 50 HRK / Pupils and students - 25 HRK
Temple of Augustus 
Adults: 10 HRK / Pupils and students - 5 HRK

  • Rovinj - (Sightseeing, Photo Spot) 
  • Duration: 2 h, + 1 h for lunch (optional)
Rovinj is a typical example of a traditional Istrian seaside town, often called ‘Small Dubrovnik’ and it is the 2nd most photographed city in Croatia. Its narrow streets are crisscrossed by passageways decorated with archways with ancient Fresco. At the highest point of the island stands the famous church of St. Eufemija from the 9th century, whose bell tower is the tallest in Istria.
  • Motovun - (Sightseeing, Gastronomy)
  • Duration: 1, 5 h, + 1 h for lunch (optional)
Motovun is an example of an early, fortified hilltop city, with houses scattered all over the hill. View from the top makes visit to Motovun unforgettable. This area is an especially famous location for finding the highly appreciated black and white truffles, and products from them are always appreciated souvenirs and gifts.
Bus to the Motovun top - 20 HRK
Motovun viewpoint - Adults: 25 HRK / Pupils and children - 15 HRK
INSTRUCTIONS - How to book this trip?

After you decided you want to do this tour and visit 2 locations of your choice, find ''Book now'' button.
First, you need to pick preferred transfer (car or mini van) and in the next step you will notice ''comment box''. There you will specify 2 of listed destinations.
After we receive your reservation, we will get back to you with all the details regarding the trip or give you some suggestions how to make the most of your time.
  • Price per car (1-4 pax): 360 EUR / 2712,42 HRK
  • Price per van (4-8 pax) - on request

* Private transport in A/C car and mini van
* Pick up and drop off in front of your accommodation
* English speaking driver / escort

* Entrance fees
* Food and beverage

  • In case of a really bad weather or some other unpredictable circumstances, we hold the right to change the particular location (with your consent), or we can give you a refund.
  • All entrance tickets are excluded from the price and the most important ones are listed below each location. We are not responisble for possible entrance fee variatons (which are not included in our service).
  • If you can’t decide between locations and you’d like to see more than two of them, let us know and we will make you a customized itinerary to see more of Istria!! :)

For cancellation up to 24 hours before departure, the organizer will charge 100% of the price.
For cancellation up to 48 hours before departure, the organizer will charge 50% of the price.
For cancellations over this period, the organizer will not charge the cancellation costs.
The organizer reserves the right to cancel a customer's booking for a full refund in case of bad weather.
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