off the beaten path

Our tours and one-day trips try to combine the best of both worlds: the one and only Adriatic Sea and the amazing inland of the Lika-Senj County, including Velebit Mountain and Plitvice Lakes.

The tours also include many exciting highlights such as a new shelter for Griffon vultures, incredible Gacka valley with its many springs, wonderful Kosinj valley where time is at a standstill, Kuterevo with a centre for young bear orphans, cave park Grabovača, the islands of Prvić, Goli Otok (Croatian Alcatraz), Krk and Pag. You can also choose hiking trips along the Premužićeva trail (today considered a masterpiece of trail building) within the Northern Velebit National Park or visit and swim in clear waters of the breath-taking Zavratnica Bay.


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